Teaching and Learning

Aims and Objectives

At Werrington Primary School we have a clear vision of what learning is:

Learning is a lifelong process of active engagement with experience, involving the development or deepening of knowledge, skills, understanding, values, ideas and feelings, in order to make sense of the world and ones place in it.

At Werrington Primary School we recognise the elements which contribute to becoming an effective learner and aim to instil this in all our pupils. Through our teaching we aim to create learners who:

  • Are actively engaged, self-motivated and inspired
  • Believe that effort leads to success and takes satisfaction from their successes
  • Collaborate with staff and peers to contribute to their learning
  • Can articulate their learning to confirm knowledge and understanding
  • Are confident in their own abilities to learn and improve
  • See mistakes as a way of learning, resilient in the face of challenge
  • Ask questions and hypothesize
  • Build on, and make links to, prior knowledge
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to other situations

We believe learning is the core purpose of our school. It is therefore essential to continually review and evaluate the teaching for learning in the classroom in order to make it more effective.

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What does Teaching and Learning Look like at Werrington Primary School?

Common Lesson Framework/Expectations

The Role of Governors

Our governors determine, support, monitor and review the school policies on teaching and learning. In particular they:

  • support the use of appropriate teaching strategies by allocating resources effectively;
  • ensure that the school buildings and premises are best used to support successful teaching and learning;
  • monitor teaching strategies in the light of health and safety regulations;
  • monitor how effective teaching and learning strategies are in terms of raising pupil attainment;
  • ensure that staff development and performance development policies promote highly effective teaching and learning, with a desire to strive for constant improvement;
  • monitor the effectiveness of the school’s teaching and learning policies through the school self-review processes. These include meetings with subject leaders, monitoring and the termly headteacher’s report to governors as well as a review of the in-service training sessions attended by our staff.


The Role of Parents

We believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in helping children to learn. We do all we can to inform parents about what and how their children are learning by:

  • holding parents’ evenings and workshops to explain our school strategies for teaching English, maths and assessment;
  • signposting parents to the Knowledge Organisers, Curriculum Map and KIRFs that are available on our school website;
  • sending regular reports to parents in which we explain the progress made by each child and indicate how the child can improve further;
  • explaining to parents how they can support their children with homework.

Monitoring and Review

We are aware of the need to review the school teaching and learning policy regularly so that we can take account of new initiatives, changes in the curriculum, developments in technology or changes to the physical environment of the school. We will review our policy during the Spring Term 2020.

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Werrington Primary School Teaching and Learning Policy September 2020

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